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Inca government officials would perform a careful study of the conquered zone to ensure the achievement of these objectives. This imperial guard, all of them belonging to the nobility, reached a size of 10,000. The projectile would be thrown with a circular movement of the huaraca. There was a reward system in place for distinguished services. [13] Troops would maintain silence, only breaking it just before attacks by yelling and singing in order to intimidate the opposing force. ayllos - Two or three stones tied to the ends of a length of rope to be swung around the head and then thrown at enemies (also used in hunting). The army would also feign a retreat and then when the enemy attacked the Incas would counter-attack using a pincer movement. The lines behind them were occupied by storm-troopers with clubs and axes, then short-spear bearers and closing the formation long-spear bearers (up to 6 meters long). The soldiers would march with their banners and the commander would be carried in his litter carrying the symbol of his command. This military caste enjoyed several privileges as the State paid for their food and housing costs as well as clothing and several other gifts such as coca, jewellery, and wives. [6] These bodyguards originated primarily in Cusco, even though with time outstanding soldiers from other ethnicities were accepted into the group. Spears (Quechua: Suchuc Chiqui) - favored by Cuzco troops. The main group would launch a frontal attack against the opposing force while the other two would flank it and circle around behind it to attack from the rear. Inca soldiers carried several types of simple weapons, according to the ethnic group to which they belonged. In the event that a kuraka fell in battle a replacement was appointed from within the same ethnic group. Soldiers were not allowed to leave the battalion, not even during the approach march.

[Inca army This article may require copy editing for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling dating men in the army. Some had the head made out of stone or obsidian. The Incas usually sent scouts to watch their enemies, they would also send groups of nobles to negotiate peace treaties. An Incan standard military tunic made of black and white checks and a red triangle below the neck. It is worth noting that the army units would march in the company of a large number of women, mostly relatives of the soldiers. Helmets (Quechua: Uma chucu): Mostly wooden, some were reinforced with copper. A military action would usually be initiated by a military parade to arouse awe in the opposing army. Copper helmets were used by generals and high-ranking officers, wood helmets could be used by regulars if they found them comfortable. If negotiations failed, the Inca forces would attempt to storm the fortress and/or starve the opposing force. Runas (common men) from the coastal region, unlike people from the highlands, were not compelled to serve in the army. Garrisons would be left in the fortresses that controlled the roads in order to delay a possible advance by the enemy. [ Violent conquest[edit] Violent conquest would occur if a tribe was unwilling to accept the Sapa Inca as their emperor. [4] This concept of duality is widespread in the Andean world, and represents the two Inca dynasties: Hanan and Hurin. In accordance with the duality concept, one of every 50 young women was selected to serve in the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun. Inca armies would not fight at night for religious reasons. Once a battle was over, enemy leaders would only be executed if they refused to accept the sovereignty of the Incas.

A wooden shaft with a heavy object at the top. In order to facilitate the movement of their armies, the Inca built a vast road system. The squads were organized according to the ethnicity of the soldiers (auca runas).existe t il des sites de rencontres gratuits.
. The majority of conquered nations would be absorbed into the Empire. This wide variety of men would prove both an advantage (numerical superiority and specialized soldiers for different terrain) and a disadvantage (lack of cohesion between army battalions). Conquered nations were forced to adopt Quechua as their main language, worship Inca gods and adopt Inca social customs. For example, Chanca soldiers preferred the use of clubs or macanas, while Antisuyu (Jungle highlands) troops more often leaned towards the use of bow and arrow. During a battle on the open ground, the Inca army would usually be divided into three groups dating men in the army. This is probably explained by their lack of adaptation to the harsh climate conditions of the highlands, where most wars took place. (July 2017) [1] charged with defending the sovereignty of the Inca empire. However, if the enemy did resist then they could suffer a number of punishments depending on the degree of resistance offered. Army squads were organized in the following manner: The front lines were initially occupied by slingshot bearers and archers, which would go to the rearguard of the formation after the initial barrages. After this, the commanding officer would rally the troops for the attack. .Flirter par sms est ce tromper.Site de rencontre serieux et gratuit pour femme.

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